It means for the potential to be really effective

Increasingly, statistics show that it's not just older men who fail in bed. The lifestyle of modern people, low physical activity, improper diet, psychological blockages have their consequences. Due to this problem, men under the age of 30 cannot satisfy their partner and because of this they create more problems for themselves.

You can try to solve the problem with the help of drugs, but not everyone has the desire to experience their side effects, but being treated with folk remedies is quite comfortable, and most importantly, effective. That is why it is worth considering more carefully the question of how to restore male power with folk remedies.

The benefits of folk recipes for men's health

women and men with increased potency

If a man is faced with the question of how to restore male power, he does not need to immediately go to the pharmacy.

Certain folk recipes, the right choice of diet, physical activity will help restore sexual desire.

  • Strengthens general health.
  • An increase in the male hormone - testosterone in the blood.
  • Restoration of sexual desire.
  • The ability to have sexual intercourse longer.

In order for the member to stand, and sexual intercourse to be longer, a man must do some physical effort, and traditional medicine will do the rest for him.

Effective recipes to help restore male energy

In order for a member to stand well, sexual relations are always pleasant and long, a man can use folk secrets such as:

  • Selection of the right diet and inclusion in the daily diet of products that increase sexual desire.
  • Practice an active lifestyle, supplement it with a set of physical exercises.
  • Take daily tinctures, decoctions or herbal infusions.

It will be possible to restore male strength and potency in this way in a few weeks completely, and some drugs work faster.

What to include in your daily diet

Our grandfather also knew how to quickly restore masculine strength with folk remedies and used them actively. To allow the penis to stand, a man should regularly eat the following foods:

  • walnut
  • Love.
  • Fig.
  • Ginseng (added to tea).
  • Lean meat.

You can not add too many products from the specified list to the diet, because the principle, more is better, will not work here.

Physical activity as a way to restore potential

There are not enough useful products to increase sexual desire and restore potency. To restore lost strength, a man needs to use physical energy. They should not be too big, but this method is very necessary if you want to achieve visible results. It's easy to guess how to make your lifestyle more active, because you can just get up in the morning, go for a jog, do some squats and do a few push-ups.

Effective traditional medicine recipes

To make the penis erect, you can use a special relaxing bath. To prepare it, you need to brew bay leaves and chamomile flowers with boiling water. The decoction must be strong so that the effect is complete. When he cools down to a comfortable temperature, a man should spend 30 minutes in such a bath. It is better to carry out the procedure before going to bed.

If you mix honey and chopped walnuts in equal proportions, you can get good results in a few days. It is necessary to take the useful medicine three times a day before meals, without using more than one spoonful of the additional mixture at a time.

Dubrovnik herbal infusion helps restore men's strength quickly. To set it up, you need to follow these steps:

  • put five teaspoons of dry raw material in an enamel bowl;
  • boil a liter of water;
  • pour the grass with boiling water and leave for 45 minutes, covered with a lid;
  • strain and take throughout the day.

Dubrovnik can be bought at any pharmacy at a reasonable price.

Aloe juice has a good effect in terms of restoring male strength, but to achieve your goal, it must be used correctly and included in the following recipe:

  • 150 milliliters of aloe juice.
  • 400 milliliters of Cahors wine.
  • 300 grams of natural honey.

The components must be mixed until smooth and infused for a week in a dark place. Take one spoonful before a meal, this is all you need.

In addition, you can prepare tea with nettle, ginseng, thyme, calamus, take a little white wine and dry. These techniques help restore masculine strength and, as folk practice shows, they do it quickly and a man no longer has to ask what to do and how to overcome his impotence.

Folk remedies to increase potency have long been popular. In the absence of drugs that can increase men's intimate strength, traditional medicine recipes are a real savior. Therefore, until today, the method of using medicinal plants is still quite common.

Simple technique

Traditional medicine offers several simple techniques that ensure the normalization and restoration of sexual function. There are even some ways to increase male potency in three days. Let's consider the main ones:


The method involves pouring a spoonful of crushed hop cones with a glass of water. Then the resulting mixture must be boiled for 10 minutes. The resulting broth should be filtered. To increase male strength quickly, take half a cup 2-3 times a day.

cilantro and parsley

This method is based on the preparation of an infusion of crushed, dried coriander leaves and parsley leaves. They are poured with boiling water, then insist. It is also recommended to take in its pure form, one spoon during a meal.

Honey and nuts

This method is one of the most delicious. To increase male strength, traditional medicine recommends mixing chopped nuts and honey in equal parts. The resulting mixture should be taken in two teaspoons half an hour after a meal, washed down with milk. The frequency of reception during the day is 2-3 times. This method normalizes potency, increases the synthesis of male sex hormones, and also increases the daily need for minerals and vitamins.

Aralia root

Used as a tincture. The following method is popular for its preparation: a spoonful of crushed roots is poured with alcohol. The container with the tincture is placed in a dark and preferably cool place. After two weeks, the drug for a rapid increase in potency is ready for use.


From the roots of this plant, you can prepare a seasoning that should be seasoned with meat and fish dishes. Another method of increasing male potency involves making an infusion from the seeds. A tablespoon is poured into a glass of hot water, after two hours the drink is ready to be taken.


Traditional medicine has long recommended the inclusion of garlic in the diet as a way to increase male strength. The method of preparing such a medicine for men is not complicated. To do this, finely chop 1 kg of garlic and place it in a three liter jar. Then pour boiled water, insist for one month. Keep in mind that the jar with the mixture must be shaken every day. Take one teaspoon daily.


Radishes are used raw or boiled. There is a way to combat erectile dysfunction in men with carrots boiled in milk. It is also allowed to use fresh or boiled root vegetables. A good effect in three days can be achieved by eating carrots and radish salad.


The use of dried ginger with honey is considered very effective. The optimal ratio of ingredients is 1: 1. This tool not only helps to increase potency, but also has a general strengthening effect on the male body. It should be taken half a spoon (tea) three times a day with water.


This plant is part of many medicines to increase potency. The action of ginseng aims to increase the formation of testosterone and improve the quality of sperm. Therefore, it is not surprising that traditional medicine also recommends the use of ginseng for men. This method is based on the fact that the roots of the plant are crushed, poured with vodka. The optimal ratio is 1: 20. The container with the resulting mixture is sent to a dark place for two weeks. Take 20 drops before meals three times a day.


For a quick increase in potency in men, you can take carrot juice. Greater efficiency is provided by mixing it with honey. Take a quarter of a cup three times a day.

Start with the Right Diet

Speaking of non-drug treatment methods, it is worth noting the importance of proper nutrition. Undoubtedly, for normal functioning, the male body must receive all the necessary trace elements, vitamins. Therefore, nutrition should be complete and balanced. In addition, there are ways to normalize male sexual function by including certain foods in the diet. The main ones are presented below:


It is known that oysters, rapana and clams are strong aphrodisiacs and can increase sexual activity. And if you also prepare a sauce based on celery and parsley, which is also an excellent stimulant, then the effect of the dish will be even greater.


Eggs are useful in any form, as they are considered a powerful stimulant of male potency in many countries. In this case, you can use not only chicken eggs, but also quail. Greater efficiency is ensured if you cook omelettes or scrambled eggs with the addition of onions, which also increase sexual activity, as they are aphrodisiacs. Although the increase in male power is not as fast as the use of medicinal plants.


Traditional medicine claims that tomatoes can activate the activity of the gonads, as a result, there is an increase in sexual function in men. But it is better to use it not in raw form, but after heat treatment. For example, bake in the oven or boil a little.

The Secret of Efficiency

Keep in mind that folk remedies to normalize potency in men are less effective than drugs. After all, the positive effects of its use do not appear immediately. Usually a three-day course is not enough, you need more time for the above funds.

Folk remedies to increase potency are quite popular. They are used not only independently, but also as part of various herbal preparations. The right combination allows you to achieve the desired effect even after three days of use. There are several explanations for the popularity of traditional treatment methods:

  1. They are affordable and also easy to use.
  2. Most of them are our usual food, and by adjusting the diet in favor of them, you can significantly improve the sexual function of men.
  3. Increasing the potency of folk remedies does not require significant financial costs, unlike advertised drugs.

Despite the safety of use and the absence of side effects from such treatment methods, preliminary consultation with a doctor is recommended. After all, the cause of sexual dysfunction can be a serious disease. Therefore, timely examinations are important.

Injections to increase potency in men

To stimulate erection, drugs are used in various forms of release. Injections to increase potency in men are one of the most effective methods of treatment. For this, drugs of several groups are used. Which medicine is best for a man - it depends on the reasons for the decrease in potency.

Features of the procedure

Injections for potency are most often prescribed in two cases - if impotence is caused by damage in the vascular system, or against the background of androgen deficiency. In the first case, vasoactive drugs are used, in the second case, hormonal drugs.

What type of injection to increase potency in men should be chosen - it depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction. Vasoactive injections for male potency are prescribed if the problem is caused by a violation of the blood supply to the penis. Hormone injections to increase potency are used for androgen deficiency, when a decrease in sexual function is caused by a small amount of testosterone itself.

Regardless of which injection is used to restore an erection, and which drug is injected into the penis, careful rules should be followed. It is better if the first injection is done by a specialist. This will help you learn how to perform the procedure independently, which will then allow you to perform it at home.

The principle of injection action

Injection methods to increase potency in men or injections work directly at the injection site. The action of vasoactive agents aims to widen blood vessels. This facilitates the flow of blood into the penis and increases the filling of the corpora cavernosa. The result is an erection that lasts until ejaculation. At the same time, such injections do not have any effect on the duration of sexual intercourse. The injection must be done immediately before sexual intercourse.

Hormonal drugs are only prescribed if a man has a lack of sex hormones. This injection contains testosterone. According to the duration of action, they are:

  • short-term action;
  • medium term;
  • long working hours.

Short-term injections are given every few days. The achievement of an erection is observed one hour after the injection. Erection continues until ejaculation.

Intermediate injections are given every two weeks. The entire duration of the drug is marked by an increase in potency.

High duration injections are hormone preparations in high concentration. They are done once every 3-4 months. This medicine is slowly removed from the body and works for about 3 months.


Medicine is injected directly into the penis. All drugs, except hormonal drugs, are available without a prescription. Injections can be done independently at home, as they are painless and do not require skills. Those who are afraid to take injections are advised to consult a doctor who will explain in detail the sequence of actions.

Each drug is not safe, so its use must be agreed with the attending physician.

It is important to remember that only a doctor should prescribe any medicine in the form of injections. Self-administration of hormonal drugs can be very dangerous for men's health. In addition, in order to choose a truly effective drug that will quickly eliminate the problem, you need to undergo a thorough examination, identify the cause of the potential disorder and consult a doctor about further treatment.